Nice shot, not

Something I have noticed more and more these days is the lack of appreciation there is in AG, the main thing is the appreciation when an opponent or your self does something pretty good, now I can appreciate a good shot or some nice skill so much so that I would even say nice shot, but you don’t get this anymore, at least I never see it any way, why? Well ive come up with a theory…………hmmmmmmmm yes a good one..


So this is how it goes………









People don’t care anymore!


Dun dun dun, shock horror! I know.


Players are so desperate to win that they don’t want to take the time to acknowledge this anymore all they care about is there own stats, that extra 2 seconds it takes to type nice shot you could have moved 3 feet in that time thus giving you more of a chance to pwn that player back. It’s a good theory, or maybe I just don’t see it any more cos nice, good, shot, skill are not things I can do any more, still at least it’s a good theory………. Right?

Nice shot (not)
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