The Half Life of..... Faru


I started to play at 2002 with some sH. members, and passed through sever clans as BLooD, aS * (all these are brazilian ones, so you probably never heard of any). Someday i joined a clan named -?-, composed with all the best players of Br (where i became a server and forum admin) and started to compete with other teams from foreign countries to evolve my gameplay. Joined NeG and played BB 2005 (best of the bests 2005 1x1) where i met new pals from Europe.


So I decided to create a team with the best Br players to play with you guys, making new friends and having fun in playing. We knew the latency was a big problem, but we overcame it. We played the ehll and got the 7th position with the [BrA] team, but the Brazilian AG scenario became quite low after that. Then we decided to recrate that same team, with a new name.


This team is named after the first clan to be created on Brazil, that won the brazilian championship and we wanted to make it as a gratification.


Even you not being aware of the brazilian AG scenario, we always had idols from worldwide AG such as Garpy, RATICIDE (who played everyday with us and was a great friend) and other clans such as pmers KIA and storm.


I just want to thank to ehll and theyr support who makes AG in Br grow and evolve each day.


Thanks, Faru