EHLL stands for Elite Half-Life League. It is an online gaming league for a HL1 mod called Adrenaline Gamer (AG). Adrenaline Gamer is very similar to Half-Life Death Match but with a few tweaks to make the game faster and more action packed. The league has been running since September 2004 and was created due to the lack of any other AG league. Many other leagues have come and gone in the mean time but for some reason this crappy old league has remained open, with leaders that do not seem to know what they are doing and players that moan and flame about anything and everything the league is still going strong, maybe things aren't as bad as people make out.


The community has not increased or decreased since the start of EHLL but unfortunatley due to no league running in the build up to EHLL being set up the majority of the community moved on to play other games or stopped playing. The current community is extremely small and a sudden decrease in activity would mark the end of EHLL although this looks unlikely for the foreseeable future.


This web site is designed to give us much information and detail about the league, past and present from current clans to previous winners, it also contains other useful information about Half-Life with the aid of other Half-Life web sites. These web sites vary from general Half-Life to guides and downloads of configs, models and maps.


To try and make the website more "fun" the players stories and some interviews have also been included, at the moment there is only 1 interview on the page but over the next few weeks I hope to catch up with some players, past and present. If there are any players out there that you would like to see an interview conducted with contact me and let me know


In order for the league to continue being a success every one that takes part needs to respect the rules, the EHLL staff and most importantly other players. Play fair and enjoy what is left of this game while it is still around